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Call Center

Despite the spread of new technologies and the creation of new ways to communicate, telephone remains one of the most popular ways of effective communication between businesses (B2B) but also businesses and customers (B2C), affecting the image of a company and consequently its performance.

News updates, customer service, technical support, and commercial campaigns are just few of a company’s needs that can be materialized through inbound & outbound call center services.

People on the service hotline are the ones that build the image of a company. That’s the reason why we prioritize on focusing on the needs of each unique business and choosing the right people to represent it. So that it can consequently offer services that will help it stand out.

As it happens with every relationship, the one between you and you clients, will be tested under rough conditions. Yet, every complain report can become an opportunity to create a relationship of trust.

The experienced personnel of TS SOLUTIONS know how to create the circumstances, starting from a complain, to help build a long-lasting relationship with your clients, to locate any existing weaknesses in your providing services and to proceed to the necessary steps to better address them.

Service is closely followed by support.

The experienced and qualified personnel of TS SOLUTIONS, with its excellent knowhow and its 18 years of experience, stands by businesses, offering solutions to every possible problem that may occur following a sale.

A phone call is enough to show someone you care, or that you understand his/her needs.

Similarly, it can be enough to communicate a new product and also keep the interest of an already existing client.

TS SOLUTIONS, guided by its experience and expertise, gives every promotional campaign the dynamic to attract new clients but also maintain the ones that already have a place in your list of customers.

In the age of small and big data, every small or big decision for a business should have a reliable research as a starting point. The only tool that can guarantee the effectiveness of your next business move.

TS SOLUTIONS and its experienced personnel provide you with the tools, techniques and sources for the right planning, materialization and result analysis, according to your business needs.

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